James A. Janisse, the Analytic Critic.

My name is James A. Janisse, and I like to review movies.

I actually like to do a lot. I tweet, I cook, I take pictures, I go on sabbaticals. All sorts of things. But since this degree from the University of Michigan says that it’s for “Screen Arts & Culture”, I figure I should probably put movies near the top of my priorities. That shit wasn’t cheap, you know.

So I watch movies, and because I like to write as well, I review them. Since I spent four years (and, again, tons of money) studying film, I write about the quality of the acting and the directing and the cinematography and all that good pretentious stuff. BUT, since I’m also a human being, I like to be entertained. So that comes into play when I’m reviewing what I’ve watched.

Basically what I’m saying is that I know a thing or two about movies, but that I write my reviews based on how I personally feel about them. I’ll always be honest and try to explain my reactions as best I can, so that you can better judge for yourself if you’ll like the movie. But my ratings are my own and you may not be able to gauge your own opinion from my taste. Enjoy!


Photo by Elise Shively

Note: I do not claim any sort of copyright or ownership over any of the images used on this website, whether they’re images of movie posters or screenshots from the films in review. They are all within legal usage, however, under Section 107 of US Copyright Law, which states that anything used “…for purposes such as criticism… …is not an infringement of copyright.”

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